Before last year, I had never really done any kind of art that wasn't digital. I had done projects in college, but I never really found a medium that I really enjoyed, mostly because of how much I liked to work on the computer. But last year my interest in street art went up 100-fold, and now, I'm completely obsessed with the genre. That interest made me curious to try it (legally that is). So I went out and bought some spray paint and a couple convases, along with getting some stencils I had created on the computer printed out and I created my first painting, from then on, I was hooked.

     I think I like creating paintings this way because I still get to use my computer, but the finished product can be touched, it's a tangible thing. Spray paint is so unpredictable (even when using stencils) you really don't know exactly what the finished product will look like, even with a mock-up on the computer, and I kind of like that unpredictablity.

My Influences: