Want to learn how I create my paintings? The method is pretty simple, yet in its own way, pretty complicated. It makes you think ahead. Take the letter "O" for example. I can't cut out an "O" the way it looks, because nothing is connecting the counter (hole in the middle) to the outside of the character itself. Of course that's as simple as it can get, that same issue can pop up no matter what the subject and tend to be a little more compicated than that.

     Below you can see the process of my Warhol Tribute. First I need to draw everything out on the computer and organize the layers of different colors (image 1, below). Then I get those layers printed out on seperate sheets of paper and cut out everything (image 2). Then comes the painting (images 3 and 4). And finally I get the finished product (image 5).

Step by step: